English book has arrived!

Kaho's long awaited adaptation of her Japanese book, "Everything Girls Should Know About The JAV Industry" is here. It has been updated, translated, and reformatted for an English-speaking audience. 

Proudly Presenting: 

The Japanese Porn Industry Unmasked: An Insider's Guide By Kaho Shibuya

Available on Amazon (US) or Amazon (Japan)! Just click the link!



Kaho has partnered with “Around Akiba” to release her debut single, “Electric Town” as a featured artist.


Kaho’s two latest singles, “
Press Start” and “Kokoro High Tension” were released on May 25, 2022.

Kaho × Gamersupps

Kaho has partnered with GamerSupps — an energy supplement company that has embraced gamer and otaku culture. Their 1st collaboration, a “Waifu Cup” featuring an illustrated version of Kaho of her own design, was a huge success. 5000 units completely sold out.

For their 2nd collaboration, Kaho brought BLEACH anime character designer, Masashi Kudo, on board to create custom artwork for her brand new drink flavor,   "Kaho's Guil-Tea Pleasure" and a new double-sided waifu cup. Each item sold over 10,000 units each upon their release!


Kaho × Village Vanguard
Illustrated by mangaka, Yukiko Nozawa, Kaho's limited-time-only merch was produced by Village Vanguard.
Kaho × Makeship

Kaho has partnered with Makeship to create a custom “Kaho Plush” — a squeezable chibi Kaho.

Pre-orders were a success and over 350 units were sold! Kawaii overload♡



Kaho's First Book in Japanese

Kaho’s first printed book, “Everything Girls Should Know About The JAV Industry” is still available in its original Japanese form. Click the link to get your copy!

Kaho is already hard at work on her second book, soon to be released in Japan!



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2D Kaho, drawn by mangaka kirero!